Puttanesca | Pasta Sauce

Puttanesca is one of the most popular sauces to dress pasta in Italy. It is a sauce made with tomato, bacon, green and black olives. It is very easy to prepare and the result is very tasty !!! You can eat with all types of pasta, both long and short, such as penne or rigatoni. … Continue reading Puttanesca | Pasta Sauce

La Pasta | Pasta

The packging on the past indicates the cooking time, so you can adjust according to the suggested time on the package. But there are small secrets to not overcook the pasta: you can remove the pasta from the fire one and a half minutes before the recommended cooking time and then continue to cook it … Continue reading La Pasta | Pasta

Il Pesto | Pesto

The secret to good pesto is to use the freshest of ingredients. Excellent quality Oil, Basil and Parmesan cheese make a difference. If these ingredients are good the flavour of the pesto is rich, fresh, light and fragrant. Pesto is heavy and it is advised to eat in the right amounts. Pesto pasta is one … Continue reading Il Pesto | Pesto